Nearly Prac Time

Two pupils leaning on a pile of books while reading on touchpad

Last Monday the name of our prac school was released.  OMG I’m going to a nice middle size private school five minutes from home and year 3.  My first biggest fear was that I would have to drive miles to get there which would never work for me due to my eldest sons 4:30am training starts.  I’m getting excited and nervous.

I met with my mentor teacher last Thursday to discuss the children, what they are learning, and general things about the school and my mentor teacher. She seems great and I can not wait to work with her.  But as for ICT, clearly the schools my boys go to have them spoilt, with the eldest having his own laptop and the other two have iPads for each student in the class that they borrow from the library.  How much we take for granted.  The year 3 class I’m going to have to share laptops 1 is to 2 in the class for 4 classes.  The room does have IWB thank goodness, but what do you do if you school doesn’t have anything?

I read Corinna‘s post, I didn’t realise my peers had so many different emotions and experiences regarding prac. I do get a little nervous and stressed, but I am lucky that all my previous prac’s have been amazing and I have learned so much. I am so excited for it to start and I really can’t wait to get into the classroom. The hardest part will be to keep on top of the rest of my life.  HAHAHA thats not going to happen.  Some tips for management as I have been told that some of my students will push the barriers.


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